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Page Turner Adventures have begun!

Activities for every day; Monday-Friday; check here daily

Join us for the VIRTUAL summer of a lifetime! 10 weeks of shows, crafts, author interviews, guest performers and virtual field trips.

WEEK FIVE – Imagine Your Music and Art Story

TUESDAY- Younger Kids Craft Day:make Australian clapping sticks and mini African drums.

  Click here for Australian clapping sticks.  Directions

  Click here for mini African drums.  Directions


Monday – Show Day
Click here for Guerilla Art Day


 Click here for this Week in Storyology Overview



WEEK FOUR – Imagine Your Adventure Story

FRIDAY – Guest Performer Day: Our guest performers this week are the amazing team at ADVENTURE SANDWICH, they’ll amaze you with their singing and cardboard crafting that you’ll have to see to believe.
  Click here for Adventure Sandwich.


THURSDAY – Tween Craft Day: travel to Easter Island and make megaliths from laundry detergent bottles and masking tape, and tanzuku wishes in honor of Japan’s Tanabata Festival.
  Click here for Easter Island Heads. Directions
   Click here for Tanabata Wishes.  Directions


WEDNESDAY – Author Day:  Our guest writer, Donna Gephart is the winner of the Sid Fleishman Humor award and the author of seven middle grade novels, including her latest adventure…THE PARIS PROJECT
  Click here to see Donna Gephart


TUESDAY- Younger Kids Craft Day: make your own paper-plate wish lions, and toilet tube binoculars.

  Click here for Paper Plate Wish Lions.  Directions
  Click here for Toilet Paper Tube Binoculars.  Directions


MONDAY – Show Day

 Imagine Your Adventure Story; join Page Turner and Kenny on an Indiana Jones-style adventure as they search for the elusive purple wish lion.


Sneak Peak Week Four


WEEK THREE – Imagine Your Science Story

FRIDAY – Guest Performer Day:  Our guest is magician, singer, recycling guru, and PBS star, the one and only, Steve Trash.

Magician and Rockin’ Eco Hero STEVE TRASH


THURSDAY – Tween Craft Day Create phenakistoscopes, an animation device, and with some parental supervision, we’ll attempt to make s’mores in our very own solar oven.

Click here for phenakistoscopes.  Directions

Click here for solar oven. Directions


WEDNESDAY – Author Day Our guest author are Teresa Robeson, this year’s winner of the Asian Pacific American Award for her picture book QUEEN OF PHYSICS, and authors J.J. and Chris Grabenstein

  Click here for Teresa Robeson

Click here for J.J. and Chris Graberstein


TUESDAY- Younger Kids Craft Day: make balloon rockets and early animation devices called Thaumatropes.

  Click here for balloon rockets. Directions

  Click here for thaumatropes.  Directions


Monday – Show Day
  Steam Show it’s full STEAM ahead with DR. LOBOTO’S STEAM LAB AND MOVIE MAGIC Show


Sneak Peak for Week Three



WEEK TWO – Imagine Your Space Story

FRIDAY – Guest Performer Day: Our Guest Performer, EMMY award winner Janet Ivey, will be zooming all the way to us from her science-themed PBS show Janet’s Planet.

 Janet Ivy from Janet’s Planet


THURSDAY – Tween Craft Day Conduct a fizzing “space ball” experiment/craft,  and also make a Space Case bags from duct tape and zip lock baggies.

  Click here for Fizz Ball; Fizzing Alien Planet.  Directions


  Click here for Space Case.  Directions


WEDNESDAY – Author Day Our guest author is Lori Haskins Houran, author of over 50 books for young readers, including her most recent picture book, SPACE MICE. We’ll also meet the illustrator of SPACE MICE, Priscilla Alpaugh

Click here to see Lori Haskins Hourin

  Click here to see illustrator Priscilla Alpaugh

  Click here to see Lori Haskins Houran read her book, Space Mice!

TUESDAY- Younger Kids Craft Day: space slug craft and alien frisbee

  Click here for space slug craft.  Directions


  Click here for alien frisbee.  Directions


MONDAY – Show Day

The Book from Outer Space  In this comedy adventure show, the kids at home must help Pixel the Librarian save the Intergalactic Library from destruction!


  WEEK TWO – Imagine your SPACE story Sneak Peak




WEEK ONE – Imagine Your Fairytale Syory

FRIDAY – Guest Performer Day: Grammy Winning Family Funk Phenomenon, Secret Agent 23 Skidoo

  Click here for video.  More info on Secret Agent 23 Skidoo can be found on his website at And, if you want to find out more about VIRTUAL rhyme writing workshops, check out THIS VIDEO

THURSDAY – Tween Craft Day: Our activity & craft for older kids is playing fairytale Madlibs and designing magical “golden” eggs.

  Click here for fairytale Madlibs


  Click here for designing magical “golden” eggs.  Directions


WEDNESDAY – Author Day: We have two guest authors for our kick-off week, including the man behind MR. LEMONCELLO’S LIBRARY, Chris Grabenstein, AND librarian, storyteller, and PRESIDENT-ELECT OF ALSC, Lucia Gonzalez!

   Click here to see Chris Graberstein


  Click here to see Lucia Gonzalez


TUESDAY – Younger Kids Craft Day: paper bag gingerbread houses and Little Red Riding Hood’s no-bake cookies.

 Click here for paper bag gingerbread house video.  Directions


 Click here for Little Red Riding Hood’s no-bake cookies video.  Recipe


MONDAY – Show Day

Once upon a time
It’s our first adventure through the Once Upon a Time Machine as we head into THE MIXED-UP FAIRYTALE Show featuring some of your favorite fairytale characters and a real ten-foot-tall giant!


  Week One – sneak peak