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Extra Challenges

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Challenge #2:  You played the GLCA, now identify which businesses belong to the seven doors below. Email your answers to

DOOR #1: 







DOOR #2:







DOOR #3:








DOOR #4:                                                  





























Challenge #1 is now over.  Congratulations to Nicole G. from South Salem Elementary School.  She was the only one to complete challenge #1!

Update to Challenge #1 below:  We want to give a shout out to Sophie M. who we hear has been trying to spot Ms. Fox  running/walking down Main Street.

Here is a hint:  Although you might not be awake while she runs the course, Ms. Fox walks the course to and from work every weekday.

Challenge #1:

Ms. Fox not only loves the library but she loves exercise.  She has added the GLCA mile route to her exercise routine.  Spot Ms. Fox running or walking the course during April for an extra challenge.  Take a picture of her or tell the librarians the day and approximate time you saw her to prove she sped by!*

Ms. Rachel

* Finding her in or outside the library does not count!