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GLCA Recap 2022

  /  GLCA Recap 2022

Congratulations 1st Grade and to EVERYONE who played!


Kindergarten 32
First Grade 65
Second Grade 48
Third Grade 27
Fourth Grade 39
Fifth Grade 54












If you enjoyed the game and want to review what you learned about the locations you visited or watch the videos one more time, here is a recap of the game.

GLCA Clue #1

Written Clue to Location #1:

Named after an ancient legend that’s held dear,
Corned beef and cabbage is always served here.
While inside, you can sit on chairs or on stools,
The name of this restaurant is _____   ______.

Video Clue to Location #1: 


GLCA Clue #2


Fun Fact:  Built in 1902, this was originally a hardware store called the Old Bauer Store. It was also known for many years as “Varney’s Ice Cream Parlor.”

Written Clue to Location #2:

Location 2 has three windows that are high,
salute the flag as you pass by.
When you approach you’ll see a clock above the door,
the hands may tell you it’s a quarter to four.
Many businesses here have been seen,
But now they call it _____   ______.

Video Clue to Location #2:

GLCA Clue #3


Fun Fact: In the 1950s this building was Port Sales Corporation, a boat and automobile dealership.  How do you think the boats and cars got into the building?

Written Clue to Location #3:

Location 3 owners know you by name,
Roberto and Danny are glad you came.
The pies they serve are round or square,
you can call for delivery or eat a piece there.
It’s named after a person we don’t know,
but it’s still a popular place to go.

Video Clue to Location #3:


GCLA Clue #4


Fun Fact:  This building was formerly Cappy’s Italian Deli.

Written Clue to Location #4:

If your doorknob is missing a screw,
or you want to paint your walls bright blue,
You’ll find items for your every chore,
when you reach  Location  4.

Video Clue to Location #4 :


GLCA Clue #5

copy-of-scan_pic0001-1Fun Fact: Did you know when Sam Alper first opened his store in 1911 it was a jewelry store?

Written Clue to Location #5:

To get to the city if you don’t want to drive,
you’ll have to go to Location 5.
On the outside of a window you’ll find a clue,
if you listen closely you’ll hear a CHOO CHOO.
To get there you’ll need to cross the street,
Look both ways, then you use your feet!

Video Clue to Location #5:


GLCA Clue #6


Fun Fact:  The station was built in 1898.  Did you know the original train cars were made out of wood?

Written Clue to Location #6:

If you’re looking for the workers in the 6th location,
they’re right across from the railroad station.
Their trucks are red, their sirens are loud,
they clear their way through the crowd.
They respond to calls, they answer alarms,
they rescue you from danger and harms.

Video Clue to Location #6:


GLCA Clue #7


Fun Fact: Flower Hill Hose Co. #1 was organized in 1905.  Did you know the fire house stores three water rescue boats?

Written Clue to Location #7:

On this corner since 1920,
Location 7 has cures a plenty.
For headaches, bruises, sore throats and cuts,
they also sell hair spray, nail polish, candy & nuts.
The name of this place rhymes with funnels,
If you call up, they’ll answer “This is ………….”

Video Clue to Location #7:


GLCA Clue #8


Fun Fact:  The original Dr. Hunold was the second pharmacist in Port Washington.  In 1914 you could buy Colgate’s Talc (powder) for 15 cents!

Written Clue to Location #8:

As you stroll on Main Street, you will see a marquee,
and wonder what this building might be.
It’s closed, but once entertained mom and dad.
Ask them about the good times they had!
Hint: Look in the window that has some dance related artwork.

Video Clue to Location #8:


GLCA Clue #9


Fun Fact:  When the theater was built in 1926 the price of admission was 25¢ and the movies were silent!

Written Clue to Location #9:

Location 9 has many features,
an afterschool program with interesting teachers.
An outdoor playground where you swing and slide,
you can see a live performance if you go inside.
On the outside door you’ll find a clue,
with Jeanne Rimsky’s name on the awning colored blue.

Video Clue to Location #9:


GLCA Clue #10


Fun Fact:  This building was built in  1908 as the Main Street School.  It was the first high school in town.  In 1929 it became an elementary school and was closed in 1985.

Written Clue to Final Instructions:

The scavenger hunt is over, and it was great fun,
but wait, there’s more; your task is not done.
One more step we ask of you,
here is what you have to do.
Email your selfie to this raffle address:
your grade can win credits and we’ll all be impressed!

Video Clue to Final Instructions:

Thanks for playing! Visit for the GLCA stats, selfies, raffle winners and more.