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JOB FAIR – Wednesday, November 9th

35 employers will be on site to meet with prospective employees. Click here to see list of participants. Sponsored by the New York State Department of Labor and the Port Washington Public Library’s Jobs & Careers Information Center. No registration required. Call 883-4400, Ext. 117 for information. 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Free Career Coaching with Diane Reynolds, M.S., Ed.

Meet privately for assistance in job searching, career change and transition, skills assessments, resume and cover letter preparation, and interviewing techniques.

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Diane has coached for over 15 years and taught Career Development at The College of New Rochelle Graduate School. She now teaches for The City University of New York.

15 Ways to Cope When You’ve Lost Your Job


  1. First, think of yourself as “Between Jobs”— after all, being unemployed is just a temporary condition.
  2. Set aside a chunk of time — say two half days — and volunteer. On one of those days, make sure there’s some new skill or process you can learn.
  3. If you must earn money during this time, get a night job so that you’re free during the day for interviews and searching.
  4. Learn a new skill, computer application, or make a new professional affiliation — something you can add to your resume.
  5. Set a physical fitness goal. This will build your confidence during this time and also make you feel better! (Cookies are not your support group!)
  6. Set any goal you can accomplish within a few months. Accomplishing a goal leaves you feeling in control!
  7. Job searching can be emotionally draining. Make sure you have things on your calendar to look forward to. Have a life; not just a job search!
  8. Take a foreign language class. This will: get you out of the house and add to your store of knowledge.
  9. Stay positive! It’s only the effort that produces results!
  10. Make an appointment with the library’s career coach, Diane Reynolds, M.S. Ed. She has the other 5 WAYS TO COPE plus specific examples of some of the above



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