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  /  Preamble

Introduction Video:

We challenge kids from K through Fifth grade
To a Quest for which they will need adult aid
The decision to join is very wise
Walking around town is good exercise
So Fathers, Mothers, or significant others
Like aunts, uncles, older sisters or brothers
Take your child’s hand and join in the fun
You’ll feel so proud when the search is done
Together you’ll identify several town’s locations
The learning will exceed all your expectations
What follows are some of the rules
Like you must live in Port Washington or attend one of its schools
You can’t start the quest before April One
And by April 30 you must be all done
There are prizes which will be going fast
So they’re limited to as long as they last
Of course you can only play
After school or on a non-school day
QR codes with clues are in store windows all around
We ask that you take 2 selfies to prove what you’ve found
When April comes you can start the game!
Your first stop is the library where you will tell us your name.