Brights Right Now, Harper’s Bazaar US, November 2018, Alexi Lubomirski, Courtesy of and ©Alexi Lubomirski

The Reflected Eye

Fashion Through the Lens of the Photographer

Curated by Patty Sicular and Vanessa Nastro

April 1 – July 30, 2021

“Photographers are our eyes to the world because they capture moments that are important to remember. Photography is their language. Photographs capture the universal truth.”

– Paul Zaentz, Film Producer

Fashion photography is a reflection of the society we live in or the dream society we want to create. Fashion photography speaks a universal language, it is a means of conversation between the creators and the viewers. The result of that conversation depends on the synchronicity of the sender and receiver of the message. So what do we actually see?

The Reflected Eye: Fashion Through the Lens of the Photographer spotlights fashion’s artistic impact through the lens of the photographer.  Part exhibit, part visual and oral history, part documentary, the artists will reveal the stories behind their photographs in their own words. With video commentary by fashion curators, historians, and editors, The Reflected Eye turns our attention to the mystery on the other side of the lens, the photographer.

This two-part virtual exhibit, features 37 photographers from 16 countries, celebrating decades of renowned art and fashion.

“This exhibition came about because Conde Nast, William Randolph Hearst and Alexander Liberman (Vogue and Conde Nast Creative Director) all had homes in Sands Point, Port Washington. To host the exhibit at the Library simply makes sense. Anyone can click a camera, but the work that goes into a unique image is often a silent relationship between photographer and model.”-Patty Sicular, Co-curator

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