The Recollections of Fifties Model Dina Mori

Dina Mori (cover model), Seventeen Magazine, December 1958

A Port Washington native, Dina Mori was a teen model active in the fashion industry in the late 1950s. Mori discusses how she was discovered by famed Hungarian fashion illustrator and photographer, Jerry Plucer-Sarna and his wife, model Giangi and her early life and fashion career:
“My photo fashion model career was truly a happy, lucky accident and adventure. I was discovered while being a ‘Popover Girl’ at Patricia Murphy’s Restaurant, after school by Hungarian photographer Plucer and his wife, model Giangi. They gave me the telephone number for ‘Plaza Five Model Agency’ and told me I would  be very photogenic. The next year, I called and they sent me on my first job at ’Seventeen Magazine’ which was a cover shoot in Florida. It was all very exciting, and that experience established me immediately.

Dina Mori (model) for Judy Bond (fashion) by Robert Irwin, 1956

Being a cover girl  and junior fashion photo model gave me confidence, independence, and increased my fashion and style awareness. Being from a family of four girls and a fashionable mother, it came naturally to me.
 The Photographers and Stylists, the creators of the shoots were all great. We the models did the dance within, being paid a high hourly rate was great and increased  my lifestyle. Plus I could contribute to my family. I’m very grateful for my good luck  in life. I’m just lucky!”


Audio excerpt: Dina Mori talks about growing up in Port Washington.