Patty’s Perspective: The reminiscences of fashion industry insider Patty Sicular

‘Ford Archive Project.’ Courtesy of Patty Sicular.

Patty Sicular, Bel Aire Advertising, lighting test, 1978. Courtesy of Patty Sicular.

Patty Sicular has lived an enviable life. As the Co-Director for- IconicFocus  and IconicFocus Models, she has navigated her way throughout the fashion world, working with some of the best and brightest artists in the industry. In 1980 she joined Ford Model Agency working closely with agency founders Eileen and Gerard W. “Jerry” Ford. During her nearly 30 year tenure, Sicular worked concurrently at Ford Men (1980-1983), Ford Women’s High Board (1984-1985) and Ford II, Classic, Plus, Parts, Archives (1986-2010).

Patty Sicular (center) with Eileen Ford (left) and model Allison Walton at the Ford’s home in Califon, New Jersey, c.2006. Courtesy of Patty Sicular.

In 1995 Sicular was made a Vice President where she held the role for fifteen years. Her proficiency in fashion history extended far beyond the world of modeling. Sicular has been involved in numerous exhibitions honoring fashion photography and design including The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion at the Metropolitan Museum of Art as well as exhibitions at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London,  the J.P. Getty Museum and The Annenberg Space for Photography in Los Angeles.

Ford Men, staff photograph, 1980. Courtesy of Patty Sicular.


In this audio clip, Sicular discusses growing up in Port Washington and her career in fashion.