and to all graduates of Paul D. Schreiber High School, especially the class of 1970


Patty Sicular – Curator, The Reflected Eye, Co-Director of Iconic Focus Models

Vanessa Nastro – Curator and Content Designer, Port Washington Public Library

Lucy Lara – Fashion Historian, Editor, Journalist, Author, Lecturer Former Editor in Chief Mexican and Latin American – Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE, Marie Claire and Glamour

Rames Xelhuantzi – Photographer, Cinematographer, Film Maker


Keith Klang – Library Director, Port Washington Public Library

Andrea Niederman – Head of Community Relations, Port Washington Public Library

Sean Smith – Web Designer

Liz Rowland – Archives Assistant, Port Washington Public Library


Dr. Grit Seymour – professor of fashion design at HTW Berlin/Germany – creative director and former model

Zack Ritter – Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York

Doreen Small – Legal Advisor

Dina Mori – interview


Alexi Lubomirski – Photograher

& Emily Ullrich – Alexi Lubomirski Studio Manager –


Andi Elloway – Photographer

Instagram: @andi.elloway


Anne Menke – Photographer


Anthony Barboza – Photographer

Instagram: @anthony_barboza_photographer


Antonio Guccione – Photographer

Paulina Victoria Klover – Guccione videographer  

Instagram: @antonioguccione

U.S. Gallery Rep:



Armin Zogbaum – Photographer

Instagram: @arminzogbaum


Bachar Srour بشار سرور “ – Photographer

Instagram: @bachar.srour


Benjamin Kanarek – Photographer and Frederique Renaut – Agent

Agent: Frederique Renaut
Licensing Agent: The Licensing Project
Instagram @benjaminkanarek


Bill Silano – Photographer

George Silano – Representative for the Estate of Bill Silano


Chen Man  – 陈漫 Photographer and Jo Hu, International Producer


Clive Arrowsmith – Photographer  and Eugenie Arrowsmith – Director Total Creative Freedom, Ltd.


David Needleman  – Photographer

Instagram: @david_needleman


Denis Piel – Photographer

Licensing Rep: Jesse Blatt –


Don Honeyman– Photographer

Christopher Honeyman – Director of Photographer – Estate of Don Honeyman


Erwin Blumenfeld – Photographer

Nadia Blumenfeld – Charbit


Fernand Fonssagrives – Photographer

Sean Moorman– Fernand Fonssagrives last assistant and printmaker, Archivist, Gallerist, Exhibition Coordinator & Internationally respected working portrait photographer


Gleb Derujinsky– Photographer

Andrea Derujinsky, Director of the Gleb Derujinsky Collection and Licensing Agent

Instagram: @derujinsky

Christoph Lerch


Hayat Osamah – Photographer

ياة اسامة


Jerry Schatzberg – Photographer

Claire Dunn – Archive Director – Jerry Schatzberg Studio

Licensing Agent: Trunk Archive, Getty Images


Jingna Zhang – Photographer


Kristian Schuller  – Photographer


Marta Lamovsek – Photographer


Portrait, Installation, Fashion



Mel Karch – Photographer



Melvin Sokolsky – Photographer

Bing Sokolsky


Nagi Sakai -Photographer

さかい なぎ

サカイ ナギ


Neal Barr – Photographer


Rames Xelhuantzi– Photographer



Rico Puhlmann– Photographer

Klaus and Anne Puhlmann – Director – Rico Puhlmann Foundation

Rico Puhlmann Archive


Sante D’Orazio – Photographer and Diane Prete – Studio Manager and Producer – D’Orazio (@santedorazio)


Saul Leiter – Photographer

Margit Erb & Michael Parillo – Directors – Saul Leiter Foundation


Slava Filippov – Слава Филиппов- Photographer


Tim Petersen – Photographer


Thomas Kublin – Photographer

Maria Kublin – Director Thomas Kublin Collection –


William Helburn – Photographer

Lois and Robert Lilly – Director – William Helburn Foundation


Yasunari Kikuma – Photographer

きくま やすなり

キクマ ヤスナリ


Zack Zhang – Zhang Yue Photographer



Xi Timmy Liang – Zack Zhang’s American Producer