Rames Xelhuantzi

“Creating images and stories is the way I can connect with my soul and express my emotions.” – Rames Xelhuantzi

International artist and photographer Rames Xelhuantzi has over 22 years of experience in high-end Fashion & Beauty photography. After studying painting and cinematography, Xelhuantzi found his own language through photography as a way to capture and encapsulate the inherent beauty on art, fashion design, travel and feminine beauty. His vision has garnered the attention of commercial brands and advertising agencies  for his talent and insight to develop concepts and advertising campaigns for Christian Dior, H&M, Garnier, Mont Blanc, Revlon, Sony, Reebok and L’Oréal. His work has been featured in fashion publications such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Zink, Reluxe Hong Kong, Maxim, Esquire & Marie Claire. Traveling and working with international productions, Xelhuantzi is currently based in Mexico City.
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