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3D Printing Guidelines

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Port Washington Public Library 3D Printer Guidelines
June 2018

  • Print time is limited only by the operating hours of the library. We ask that print jobs finish by 15 minutes before closing time. Please note, the 3D printer can not operate while the library is closed for business
  • To print, patrons must leave their .stl or .makerbot files and their contact info with computer services staff. Projects will be printed in first come/first served order. The library reserves the right to delay or change the printing order of projects depending on how long a project may take to print.
  • Patrons must indicate what color filament or resin they wish to print with. Patrons may provide their own filament if they are looking for a color or style that is not available at the library, as long as it is compatible with the Makerbot Replicator. Only PLA filament can be used at this time.
  • Printing cost is $1 per hour, to be charged in 15 minute increments for filament printing. The cost for basic resin is $1.50 per 10 ml and the cost for tough resin is $1.75 per 10 ml. Funds will be deducted from patron’s print cards by library staff. Large, multi-piece projects will be added together and given one final cost.
  • Completed filament printer models must be in the .makerbot file format before they can be printed. Models that may need refinement or are to be printed on the resin printer must be in .stl format.
  • All work must be saved to a flash drive or emailed to Sorry, nothing can be saved to the library’s computers or to the printer itself.
  • Links to and Thingiverse are available on all public computers for the creation or download of 3D print models.
  • Staff will only do minor clean ups or refinement of virtual models. 3D modeling tutorials are available by appointment.
  • Staff will only hold onto finished objects for 3 business days.

Sorry, no refunds! 3D Printing is still a technology in its infancy and no object is guaranteed to print perfectly. We encourage our users to experiment with designs and try, try, try again! We reserve the right to reject any print request we deem inappropriate.

The MakerBot 5th Generation 3D printer is being made available to the community through a generous donation from the Friends of the Port Washington Public Library.