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How many computers do we have?
There are 19 PCs and 3 iMacs in the Computer Center. The 3 computers closest to the ESOL office may be reserved for the exclusive use of the English for Speakers of Other Languages program.

Who may use the computers?
All adults, and any students 7th grade and up, may use the computers in the Computer Center. Children not yet in 7th grade may use the computers in the Children’s Room.

How do I sign up? How long can I stay on?
Simply choose any available computer and sign in with a name or library card number. There is a 3 hour time limit per session, which may be extended. If there is a wait to use a computer, patrons that have been here the longest may be asked to finish their session.

What policy and guidelines does the library have for Internet use?
Internet use and safety policy.

Can I get help with the computers?
Absolutely. While we generally can’t provide in-depth training, we can provide simple guidance and instruction. If the staff member who’s on duty can’t help, he or she may be able to call someone who can, or tell you when someone who can help will be at the desk. Tasks that require extensive assistance may best be completed through a Tech One-on-One reservation. Contact James Hutter ( to schedule an appointment.

What if I know how to use the Internet, but I’m not finding what I want?
You may go to the Reference Room for assistance in finding specific information.

Do you have computer classes?
Yes we do. Watch the library calendar for dates! The classes here are single session classes. Our subscription offers an extensive listing of video-based Computer Instruction. If you’re looking for something more in-depth, try Adult Ed at the Port Washington Public Schools; catalogs are available at the Library’s Reference Desk.

Can I print from the computers? Is there a charge?
Yes. A library card or print card is necessary to print. There is a 50-cent charge to obtain a print card, a 5 cents per-page charge for black and white, and 50 cents per page charge for color printouts. If you wish, you can add value to your library card / print card and use it to make photocopies or pay for 3D prints.

Is a scanner provided?
Yes, there are 4 scanners available for use.

Can I save my work on the computers?
You must use a USB flash drive to save your work or to save a download from the Internet.

Can I plug in my laptop here?
Yes. The library is a Wireless Hotspot, with the SSID of “PWPL-Hotspot.” You can logon to the library’s wireless network, which works in most areas of the building.. There are tabletop outlets in the Reading Room and Reference Room where laptops can be plugged in.

Does the library provide e-mail accounts?
We don’t provide accounts; however, using the Internet access that we provide, you can create a free e-mail account using a web-based e-mail provider, such as