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E-mail: library@pwpl.org
Phone: 516-883-4400
Fax: 516-883-7927

Keith Klang, Library Director: ext.1101 (516-883-3728), library@pwpl.org
Lynn Moessner, Reception: ext. 1100 (516-767-0704)

Adult Services
Information Desk: ext. 1300
Kate Monsour, Agency Head: ext.1302
Jeff Zeh, Programming Coordinator: ext. 1303 programming@pwpl.org

Children’s Services
Children’s Desk: ext. 1600, child@pwpl.org
Rachel Fox, Agency Head: ext.1602 (516-767-7235)

Collection Management
Circulation Desk: ext. 1200, circ@pwpl.org

Community Relations
Community Relations: ext. 1104, communityrelations@pwpl.org

Computer Services
Computer Services Desk: ext. 1900
James Hutter, Agency Head: ext. 1901

ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)
Peggy O’Hanlon, Coordinator: ext. 1308, esol@pwpl.org

Finance Office
Paul Thomaidis: ext. 1105 (516-883-4532)

Local History
Research Services: ext 1409, localhistory@pwpl.org
Vanessa Nastro, Agency Head: ext. 1409, vnastro@pwpl.org

Media Services
Jonathan Guildroy, Agency Head: ext.1800 (516-883-3786)

Personnel Office
Debbie Wanna: ext. 1103 (516-883-4402)

Research Services
Research Desk: ext. 1400, reference@pwpl.org
Janet West, Agency Head: ext. 1402 (516-883-3749)

Acquisitions and Processing
Angela Garza, Office Manager: ext. 1700

TeenSpace Desk: ext. 1500, youngadult@pwpl.org
Lori Gerbasi, Programming Coordinator: ext. 1501