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Pronunciator Instructions

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How to get started with Pronunciator

*Please Note: You will need to create an account before using the mobile app*

  1. A Port Washington Public Library Card is required to register for the service, if you do not have one no problem! Just visit the Circulation desk at the Library or fill out the online application. If you have a library card, please log onto a computer.
  1. Go to (A video tutorial is also available to watch.)
  2. Click on Pronunciator
  3. On the right side of the screen, where it says “First time here?” type in your library card’s barcode number. (In the box that says “Library Card #”)
  4. Now, you have two choices:
    1. Click the green button that says “Instant Access” if you DO NOT want to save your progress
    2. Click the blue button that says “Register” if you want to use Pronunciator on your mobile devices & save your progress on the program. (Recommended)
  1. If you clicked the blue button, go to step 7. If you clicked the green button go to step 9.
  2. Pronunciator will ask you to create an account
    1. Enter your email where is says “Enter your email address as username” (Remember this email as it will be your “STUDENT NAME”)
    2. Enter a password where it says “Choose a password”
  1. The screen will then show two colored boxes, click on the orange box that says “Launch Pronunciator”
  2. This will then give you two options:
    1. “I speak,” click on your native language by using the upside arrow
    2. “I want to learn,” click on the language you want to learn (in most cases English-American)
  3. Your dashboard will appear in your native language
  4. Click on your desired lesson and begin learning!