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Sponsorship Policy

  /    /  Sponsorship Policy

1. Financial sponsorship is encouraged in support of programs established by the Library or Library-affiliated groups.

2. All applications to participate as a sponsor will be reviewed by the Board of Trustees of the Port Washington Public Library. A letter acknowledging the financial sponsorship will be provided for tax purposes.

3. The form of recognition of the sponsor will be determined by the Board of Trustees. There will be no recognition of the sponsor beyond mention of their name.

4. The sponsorship will be subject to the guidelines of Port Washington Public Library policy for acceptance of gifts and for use of the meeting room.

5. The Library reserves the right to choose the type of event, the participants, and the times and dates of performance, exhibition or event.

6. To the extent possible, the sponsor will be accommodated with reference to the type of event or specific time desired.

(March 1996)