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Periodicals A-Z

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Here is a list of all print magazines and newspapers in our collection in alphabetical order. For a comprehensive list organized by subject, click here. In addition, we also offer access to digital magazines via RBdigital.

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AARP Bulletin (American Association of Retired Persons): Latest 2 years

AARP – The Magazine: Latest 6 years

Ad Age: Latest 2 years

Adbusters: Latest 4 years

ADDitude: Latest 4 years

Air & Space: Latest 4 years

Alternative Press (AP): Latest 4 years

American Conservative: July/August 2018 – present

American Craft: Latest 3 years

American Gardener: November/December 2018 – present

American Girl: Latest 2 years

American Journal of Nursing: Latest 3 years

American Libraries: Latest 3 years

American Philatelist: Latest 2 years

American Prospect: Latest 3 years

American Quilter: Latest 4 years

American Scientist: Latest 2 years

American Stamp Dealer & Collector: Latest 2 years

American Woodturner: Latest 4 years

Analog: Latest 3 years

Antiques (The Magazine Antiques): Latest 3 years

Antiques and Collecting Magazine: Now called Treasures

Archaeology: Latest 4 years

Architectural Digest: Latest 4 years

Arizona Highways: Latest 3 years

Art Calendar: Now called Professional Artist

Art in America: Latest 3 years

Art News: Latest 3 years

Art Review: Latest 3 years

Artist’s Magazine: Latest 4 years

Astronomy:  Latest 2 years

Atlantic: Latest 3 years

Autism Asperger’s Digest: Latest year

Automobile: Latest 3 years

Autoweek: Latest 2 years



Backpacker:  Latest 4 years

Barron’s: Latest 12 months

Better Homes and Gardens: Latest 4 years

Bicycling: Latest 4 years

Billboard: Latest 12 months

Birds & Blooms: Latest 4 years

Black & White: Latest 4 years

Bloomberg Business Week: Latest 2 years

Boating: Latest 4 years

Bon Appetit: Latest 3 years

Booklist (American Library Association): Latest 2 years

Boston: Latest 3 years

Bridge World: Latest 4 years

Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books: Latest 3 years

Business Week: Now called Bloomberg Business Week



Car and Driver: Latest 4 years

Catster: Latest 3 years

Ceramics: Latest 4 years

Chess Life: Latest 3 years

The Chief: Latest 12 months

Christianity Today: Latest 2 years

Chronicle of Higher Education: Latest 12 months

Chronicle of Philanthropy: Latest 12 months

Cineaste: Latest 4 years

Classic Images: Latest 4 years

Classic Toy Trains:  Latest 4 years

Cleveland Clinic Arthritis Advisor: Latest 3 years

Climbing: Latest 4 years

Coin World: Latest 2 years

Coinage: Latest 3 years

Commentary: Latest 3 years

Complete Investor: Latest 12 months

Computers in Libraries: Latest 4 years

Concrete Wave: Latest 4 years

Conde Nast Traveler: Latest 3 years

Consumer Reports & Buyer’s Guides: Latest 4 years

Consumer Reports on Health: Latest 3 years

Cooking Light: Latest 5 years

Cook’s Country: Latest 4 years

Cook’s Illustrated: Latest 4 years

Cosmopolitan: Latest 3 years

Country Living: Latest 3 years

Cow Neck Peninsula Historical Society Journal: 1965 – present

Crain’s New York Business: Latest 12 months

Crochet! : Latest 4 years

Cruising World: Latest 4 years



Dance Magazine: Latest 3 years

El Diario La Prensa [Spanish]: Latest 2 months

Discover: Latest 4 years

Dissent: Latest 4 years

Dogster: Latest 3 years

Downbeat: Latest 4 years

Duke Medicine Health News: Latest 3 years

Dwell: Latest 4 years



Early American Life: Latest 4 years

Economist: Latest 2 years

Elle: Latest 4 years

Elle France [French]: Latest 3 years

Entertainment Weekly: Latest 2 years

Entrepreneur: Latest 4 years

Environmental Nutrition: Latest 3 years

Esquire: Latest 4 years

Essence: Latest 3 years

Experience Life:  Latest 4 years



Family Circle: Latest 4 years

Family Fun: Latest 2 years

Family Handyman: Latest 4 years

Family Tree Magazine: Latest 4 years

Fantasy & Science Fiction: Latest 4 years

Fast Company: Last 4 years

Fidelity Monitor & Insight: Latest 12 issues

Field & Stream: Latest 4 years

Film Comment: Latest 4 years

Film Quarterly: Latest 4 years

Films of the Golden Age: Latest 4 years

Financial Times: Latest 2 months

Fine Homebuilding: Latest 4 years

Fine Woodworking: Latest 4 years

Fisherman: Latest 2 years

Flying: Latest 4 years

Focus on Healthy Aging: Latest 3 years

Food & Wine: Latest 4 years

Forbes: Latest 2 years

Foreign Affairs: Latest 4 years

Forthcoming Books: Current edition

Fortune: Latest 2 years

Four Wheeler: Latest 4 years



Galves Auto Price List: Latest 12 months

Golf Digest: Latest 4 years

Good Housekeeping: Latest 4 years

GQ: Latest 4 years

Grants for Libraries Hotline: Latest 2 years

Grazia: #122 (2019) – present



Hadassah: Latest 4 years

Harper’s Bazaar: Latest 4 years

Harper’s Magazine: Latest 3 years

Harvard Business Review: Latest 4 years

Harvard Health Letter: Latest 3 years

Harvard Heart Letter: Latest 3 years

Harvard Men’s Health Watch: Latest 3 years

Harvard Women’s Health Watch: Latest 3 years

Health: Latest 4 years

Hemmings Motor News: Latest 2 years

Highlights: Latest 2 years

History Today: Latest 4 years

Hoi Polloi: 2005 – present

Horn Book: Latest 3 years

Horticulture: Latest 4 years

Hot Rod: Latest 4 years

House: Latest 4 years

House Beautiful: Latest 4 years



IBD Weekly: Latest 12 months

Illuminations: 2002 – present

Illustration: Latest 4 years

Inc.: Latest 4 years

Independent Adviser for Vanguard Investors: Latest 12 issues

Industry Surveys SEE Standard & Poor’s Industry Surveys

In Style: Latest 4 years

Interweave Knits: Latest 4 years

Investor’s Business Daily SEE IBD Weekly

Irish Echo: Latest 12 months

Italian Tribune: Latest 12 months



J-14: Latest 3 years

JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association): Latest 4 years

Journal of Long Island History: 1961 – 1965; 1973 – 1982

Journal of the American Medical Association SEE JAMA



Kaleidoscope: Winter 1963 – present

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance: Latest 4 years

Kirkus Reviews: Latest 2 years

Knit Simple: Latest 4 years

Korea Times [Korean]: Latest 2 months



Library Journal: Latest 2 years

Linn’s Stamp News: Latest 2 years

Long Island Business News: Latest 12 months

Long Island Catholic: Latest 4 years

Long Island Forum: Aug. 1940 – 2004 [ceased publication]



Mad: Latest 4 years

Magnolia Journal: Summer 2017 – present

Make: Latest 4 years

Marie Claire: Latest 3 years

Martha Stewart Living: Latest 3 years

Mayo Clinic Health Letter: Latest 3 years

McKinney’s Session Laws of New York: 2007 – present

Men’s Health: Latest 4 years

Men’s Journal: Latest 4 years

MIT Technology Review: Latest 3 years

Model Airplane News: Latest 3 years

Model Railroader: Latest 3 years

Mojo: Latest 4 years

Le Monde Selection Hebdomadaire [French]: Latest 12 months

Money: Latest 4 years

Moneyletter: Latest 12 issues

Morningstar Fund Investor: Latest 12 issues (in print and online — no remote access)

Morningstar Mutual Funds: Latest 6 issues (online only — no remote access)

Morningstar Stock Investor: Latest 12 issues (in print and online — no remote access)

Mother Earth News: Latest 4 years

Mother Jones: Latest 4 years

Motor Trend: Latest 4 years

Motorcyclist: Latest 4 years

Ms.: Latest 4 years

Musical America International Directory of the Performing Arts: Current edition



N.A.D.A. Official Older Used Car Guide: Latest 12 months

N.A.D.A. Official Used Car Guide: Latest 12 months

Nation: Latest 2 years

National Catholic Register: Latest 12 months

National Catholic Reporter: Latest 12 months

National Geographic: 1912 – present [Jan. & Feb. 1929 & Jan. – April 1930 missing]

National Geographic en Español: Latest 4 years

National Geographic Kids: Latest 2 years

National Geographic History: November/December 2017 – present

National Geographic Traveler: Latest 4 years

National Parks: Latest 4 years

National Review: Latest 3 years

National Wildlife: Latest 4 years

Natural History: Latest 3 years

Nature: Latest 4 years

New Criterion: Latest 3 years

New in Chess: Latest 4 years

New Republic: Latest 2 years

New Scientist: Latest 2 years

New Statesman: Latest 2 years

New York: Latest 3 years

New York Amsterdam News: Latest 12 months

New York Archives: Latest 3 years

New York Jewish Week: Latest 12 months

New York Law Journal: Latest 6 months

New York Post: Latest 3 months

New York Review of Books: Latest 4 years

New York Times: Latest 4 months

New York Times Book Review: Latest 2 years

New York Times – Large Print Weekly: Latest 12 months

New York Times Sunday Magazine: Latest 12 months

New Yorker: Latest 2 years

Newsday {Nassau edition}: 1983 – 2012 (microfilm); print: Latest 4 months

Nikkei [Japanese]: Latest 2 months

No-Load Fund Investor: Latest 12 issues

Nutrition Action: Latest 4 years



O, the Oprah Magazine: Latest 4 years

Old House Journal: Latest 4 years

Opera News: Latest 4 years

Outlook (CFRA/Standard & Poor): Latest 12 issues



Parents’ Magazine: Latest year

Paris Match [French]: Latest 2 years

People: Latest 2 years

People en Español: Latest 4 years

Personal Finance: Latest 6 months

Plain Talk: Sept. 16, 1911 – Sept. 12, 1914

Poetry: Latest 4 years

Poets & Writers: Latest 4 years

Popular Mechanics: Latest 3 years

Popular Science: Latest 3 years

Port Washington Mail: Feb. 1961 – Dec. 1962; July 1964 – Oct. 1970 [ceased publication]

Port Washington Mail & Reporter: Nov. 1970 – Dec. 1986 [ceased publication]

Port Washington News: Jan. 1903 – present

Port Washington Post: Microfilm: Jan. 1933 – May 1938 [ceased publication]

Port Washington Reporter: Jan. 1963 – Oct. 1970 [ceased publication]

Port Washington Sentinel: May 17, 1991 – Oct. 11, 2007 [ceased publication]

Port Washington Times: March 2016 – present

Practical Horseman: Latest 3 years

Practical Sailor: Latest 2 years

Prevention: Latest 4 years

Professional Artist: [formerly Art Calendar]: Latest 2 years

Progressive: Latest 4 years

Prudent Speculator: Latest 12 issues

Psychology Today: Latest 4 years

Public Historian: 2000 – present

Public Libraries (Public Library Association): Latest 2 years

Publishers’ Weekly: Latest 2 years



QST: Latest 4 years



Radio Control Car Action: Latest 3 years

Ranger Rick: Latest 2 years

Ranger Rick Jr.: [formerly Big Backyard]: Latest 2 years

Reader’s Digest – Large Print: Latest 4 years

Real Simple: Latest 4 years

Road & Track: Latest 4 years

Rock and Gem: Latest 4 years

Rolling Stone: Latest 4 years

Runner’s World: Latest 4 years



Sail: Latest 4 years

Sailing: Latest 4 years

Salt Water Sportsman: Latest 4 years

Saveur: Latest 4 years

School Library Journal: Latest 4 years

Schreiber Times: Keep 1980 – 2013 in Periodicals Storage

Science: Latest 2 years

Scientific American: Latest 4 years

Sea History: Latest 4 years

Seventeen: Latest 4 years

Shape: Latest 4 years

Sight & Sound: Latest 4 years

Simply Gluten Free: Latest 4 years

Sky & Telescope: Latest 2 years

Smithsonian: Latest 2 years

Sound & Vision: Latest 4 years

Soundings: Latest 2 years

Southern Living: Latest 4 years

Der Spiegel [German]: Latest 2 years

Sports Illustrated: Latest 2 years

Sports Illustrated for Kids: Latest 2 years

Standard & Poor’s Industry Surveys: Latest calendar year

Standard Directory of Advertisers: Latest edition

Standard Directory of Advertising Agencies: Latest edition

Stereophile: Latest 4 years

Strings:  Latest 4 years

Studio Potter: Latest 4 years

Sunset: Latest 4 years



Tennis: Latest 4 years

Threads: Latest 4 years

Time: Latest 2 years

Time Out New York: Latest 2 years

TLS (Times Literary Supplement): Latest 2 calendar years

Town & Country: Latest 4 years

Traditional Home: Latest 4 years

Transworld Skateboarding: Latest 4 years

Travel & Leisure: Latest 2 years

Treasures [formerly Antiques & Collecting Magazine]: Latest 3 years

Tropical Fish Hobbyist: Latest 3 years

Tufts University Health & Nutrition Letter: Latest 3 years



Uncut: Latest 4 years

University of California, Berkeley Wellness Letter: Latest 3 years

Upfront: Latest 2 years

USA Today: Latest 3 months

Utility Forecaster: Latest 12 months



Value Line Investment Survey: Latest 13 editions

Value Line Selection & Opinion: Latest 8 months

Value Line Small & Mid-Cap Edition: Latest 13 editions

Vanity Fair: Latest 4 years

Variety: Latest 12 months

Vogue: Latest 4 years

VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocates): Latest 4 years



W: Latest 2 years

Wall Street Journal: Latest 4 months

Washington Examiner: Latest 2 years

Washington Post: Latest 6 months

Washingtonian: Latest 3 years

The Week: Latest 2 years

Where to Retire: Latest 4 years

Wine Spectator: Latest 2 years

Wired: Latest 4 years

Woman’s Day: Latest 4 years

Women’s Health: Latest 4 years

Wooden Boat: Latest 4 years

World Journal [Chinese]: Latest 2 months

Worst Pills Best Pills News: Latest 3 years

Writer: Latest 3 years



Yachting: Latest 4 years

Yankee: Latest 4 years

Yes! A Journal of Positive Futures: Latest 3 years

Yoga Journal: Latest 4 years