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Playbills / Theatrical Items

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[Theatrical program] The Stuart Walker Company : Repertory Season 1921 : Shubert-Murat Theatre — Indianapolis : The Company, 1921.
— Program for the world-premiere production of Main Street, dramatized by Harriet Ford and Harvey O’Higgins. The production opened July 18, 1921.

[Adveritsing leaflet] Main Street by Sinclair Lewis : A Great Book, a Greater Play — New York : Dana T. Bennett Co., [1922]
— Leaflet announcing the March 20, 1922 opening of Main Street at Boston’s Wilbur Theatre. Includes quotes from reviews of the New York production.

[Contract] Equity Minimum Contract : Agreement between Dodsworth, Inc. and Nolan Leary — January 11, 1934.
— Leary played “A Publicity Man” in the original production, and received $40 per week.

[Theatrical program] Plays and players : Garrick Theatre : Dodsworth — Philadelphia : The Garrick, [1934]
— Program for the Sidney Howard dramatization, starring Walter Huston and Fay Bainter, which opened in Philadelphia on Feb. 3, 1934. It was directed by Robert Sinclair, and produced by Max Gordon.

[Theatrical program] Royal Alexandra : Walter Huston in Dodsworth — Toronto : The Douglas and Marshall Press, [1934?]
— Program for an undated Toronto production.

[Theatrical program] The New York Magazine Program : Sam S. Shubert Theatre : Dodsworth — New York : The New York Theatre Program Corp., 1934.
— Program for the Sidney Howard dramatization, starring Walter Huston and Fay Bainter, which opened in New York on Feb. 24, 1934. It was directed by Robert Sinclair, and produced by Max Gordon. Front cover illustrated with a photo of Huston.

[Another copy]

[Letter] Walter Huston, Thursday [no date] to Bee [Beatrice Lilly]
— “I’ve wondered … how the people are taking your show. Glad for you that the first nite is over … Tomorrow I go to the dentist, hate it too, but it must be done … I’m away now for dinner.”

[Leaflet] Guide to the Hits of the Season Produced by Max Gordon : Roberta, Her Master’s Voice, The Shining Hour, Dodsworth — New York : [s.n.], [1934]

[Theatrical program] The Playbill : Sam S. Shubert Theatre : Dodsworth — New York : The New York Theatre Program Corp., 1934.
— This New York production opened Oct. 1, 1934. Its cast differs slightly from that of the first N.Y. production.

[Theatrical program] The Playbill : Cort Theatre : Jayhawker — New York : The New York Theatre Program Corp., 1934.
— Program for the Sinclair Lewis/Lloyd Lewis play. This production opened Nov. 19, 1934, directed by Joe Losey and produced by Henry Hammond, Inc. Walter C. Kelly and Carol Stone starred.

[Theatrical program] The Playgoer : The Magazine of the Theatre : Forrest Theatre : Walter Huston in Sinclair Lewis’s Dodsworth — Philadelphia : The Playgoer, 1935.
— Program for a later Philadelphia production, which opened in January 1935. With separate advertising leaflet illustrated with a sketch of Walter Huston.

[Theatrical program] Colonial Theatre, Direction Boylston Theatre Co. … Presents … Sinclair Lewis’s Dodsworth — Boston : The Theatre, 1935.
— The Boston production opened Feb. 11, 1935. This copy is signed by Walter Huston.

[Letter] Max Gordon [firm], 1935 May 8, 214 West 42nd St., New York to Alex Yokel, Strand Building, New York / Ben A. Boyar, general manager
— A letter of recommendation for Nolan Leary, who had appeared in Dodsworth, suggesting that Yokel use him in an upcoming production of Three Men on a Horse.

[Theatrical program] Federal Theatre : The Adelphi Theatre : It Can’t Happen Here — New York : W.P.A., [1936]
— Program for the John C. Moffitt/Sinclair Lewis dramatization, starring Seth Arnold and Helen Morrow. The production opened Oct. 20, 1936 and was staged by Vincent Sherman. Laid in loose is a separate sheet reading in part: “Curtains are rising simultaneously tonight on productions … in 23 theatres …”

[Printed ephemera] Memorandum : Angela is Twenty-two / Sinclair Lewis — [s.l : s.n, 1938]
— Lewis had a pad of these printed for distribution during his tour as leading man in his own play. Each sheet reads in part: “I wish to complain about the following: 1. The Weather 2. Train Accommodations 3. Room Service … 9. The Author …”

[Theatrical program] Manhattan Theatre Colony : Season 1939 : Ogunquit Playhouse — Ogunquit, Maine : The Colony, 1939.
— Program for a production of Thornton Wilder’s Our Town, in which Lewis appeared in the role of the stage manager. The production opened Aug. 7, 1939.

[Theatrical program] Program Revue : Maplewood Theatre : Ah, Wilderness / [Eugene O’Neill] — Maplewood, New Jersey : The Theatre, 1940.
— Lewis appeared in the role of Nat Miller; Marcella Powers was also in the cast. The production played the week of June 24, 1940. Included is an announcement that Lewis is appearing at “Celebrity Night” at the Brook, Milburn with producer Cheryl Crawford.

[Theatrical program] Community Playhouse, Spring Lake, New Jersey : Sinclair Lewis in Angela is Twenty-two — Spring Lake : The Playhouse, [1940]
— Program for the production which opened July 10, 1940, starring Lewis and Marcella Powers. The producers were Watson Barratt and Victor Payne-Jennings.

Film Posters and Ephemera

[Motion Picture Press Book] Berg-Kahlert Present Free Air from the Saturday Evening Post Story by Sinclair Lewis — [s.l. : s.n., 1922]
— Promotional material intended for distribution to theater owners publicizing the 1922 silent film based upon Lewis’s 1919 novel, which was originally serialized in the Saturday Evening Post from May 31 to June 21, 1919. The film was directed by E.H. Griffith, and starred Tom Douglas and Marjorie Seaman.

The Great American Novel: Babbitt by Sinclair Lewis — [s.l.] : Warner Bros., [1924]
— A promotional leaflet for the 1924 film, which was directed by Harry Beaumont and starred Willard Louis.

[Babbitt Lobby Card] — [s.l.] : Warner Brothers, [1924]
— Lobby card for the 1924 film. Babbitt was remade by First National in 1934.

[Untamed Motion Picture Press Book] — London : Paramount Pictures, [1940]
— English press book intended for distribution to theater owners. Untamed was based on Lewis’s novel Mantrap (1926), and starred Ray Milland and Patricia Morison. It was directed by George Archainbaud.

[Arrowsmith Film Poster] — [s.l.] : Film Classics, Inc., [1944]
— Poster for the 1944 re-release of the 1931 film, starring Ronald Colman, Helen Hayes and Myrna Loy. It was adapted by Sidney Howard, and directed by John Ford.

Walt Disney’s Bongo : From the Walt Disney Motion Picture Fun and Fancy Free — Racine, WI : Whitmen Pub. Co., c1948.
— The Disney film was based on Lewis’s short story “Little Bear Bongo.”

[Elmer Gantry Motion Picture Press Book] — [s.l.] : United Artists, c1960.

[Elmer Gantry Lobby Cards] — [s.l.] : United Artists, c1960.

[Elmer Gantry Film Posters] — [s.l.] : United Artists, c1960.
— The film was written and directed by Richard Brooks, and starred Burt Lancaster and Jean Simmons. Lancaster won an Academy Award for his performance.