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Friends Board Members

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Seated row (l to r): Treasurer Mary Alice Kohs, Vice President Ellen Zimmerman, President Amy G. Bass, Vice President Nancy Wright, Secretary Lauren Smith.

Standing row (l to r): Assistant Treasurer Danielle Tane, Selma Willner, Eleanor Rybecky, Fern Treiber, Pamela O’Connell, Margaret DeSiervo, Carol Hiller, Sylvia Kamisher, Cara Hristoforatos.


Friends of the Library Board of Directors

President, Amy G. Bass
First Vice President, Nancy Wright
Second Vice President, Ellen Zimmerman
Secretary, Lauren Smith
Treasurer, Mary Alice Kohs
Margaret DeSiervo
Carol Hiller
Cara Hristoforatos
Sylvia Kamisher
Pamela O’Connell
Eleanor Rybecky
Danielle Tane
Fern Treiber
Jessica Weaver
Selma Willner